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Use the table below to find manuals, schematics, wiring diagrams, Forsta’s product catalog, product presentation and a variety of automatic self-cleaning filter case studies.

Filter Type PDF Document
180 Series

180/Zero Manual

Basic Installation

Single Filter & EC-2

Two Filters & EC-2

Three Filters & EC-4

Four Filters & EC-4

Equipment Protection Schematic

Irrigation Protection Schematic

Membrane Protection Schematic

Backwash Cycle

90 Series

90 Series Manual

Basic Installation

Single A/B/M Model & EC-2

Single C Model & EC2

Irrigation Protection Schematic

Boiler Protection Schematic

Sidestream Installation

Zero Series

180/Zero Manual

Zero & EC-2

Low Pressure Series

Low Pressure Manual

Single Filter & EC-2 LP

Coarse Strainer Single Filter & EC-2
Skid Mounted Single B-90 & EC-2
EC-2 Controller

EC-2 Controller Manual

EC-2 Controller Data Sheet

Catalog Product Catalog

Product Presentation

Corrosion Resistance in Auotmatic Screen Filtration

Case Studies

Spring Water Filtration for Drinking Water System

Well Water Filtration for Irrigation – Landscape

Pond Water Filtration for Irrigation – Golf Course

Canal Water Filtration for Drip Irrigation Protection – Banana Farm

River Water Filtration for Irrigation Protection – Vineyard

Stormwater Filtration for Irrigation – Landscape

Reclaimed Water Filtration for Irrigation – Landscape

River Water Filtration – Removal of Invasive Species

Compressor Cooling Water Filtration- Food Packaging

River Water Filtration for Spray Cooling – Steel Mill

Cooling Tower Filtration – HVAC/Industrial

Non-Potable Water Reuse at WWTPs

Cooling Tower Sidestream Filtration – Manufacturing

Process Water Filtration – Plastics Injection Molding

Secondary Effluent Filtration – Municpal Water Reclamation Facility

Cooling Tower Filtration – Biomedical Facility


NSF/ANSI 61 – 2016: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects

NSF/ANSI 372 – 2016: Drinking Water System Components – Lead Content


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