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Produced Water

Construction from fiberglass reinforced plastic and high grade stainless alloys make Forsta self-cleaning filters the perfect for produced water filtration.

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Produced water is a term used in the oil industry to describe water that is produced as a byproduct during the extraction of oil and natural gas. Produced water is a kind of brackish and saline water from underground formation that is brought to the surface.

Depending on the chemistry of the rocks in the targeted reservoirs, produced water may contain many different chemical elements. Produced water may contain dissolved mineral salts, or it may be mixed with organic compounds such as acids, waxes, and mineral oils. It may also be mixed with inorganic metals and byproducts or with trace amounts of heavy metals and naturally-occurring radioactive materials.

Produced water treatment technologies that allow produced water to be reused in oil and gas applications offer the most sustainable practices while our energy infrastructure weans off fossil fuels. Produced water that has been treated can also be used for fire control, power generation, vehicle and equipment washing, and even non-edible crop irrigation.

Forsta self-cleaning filters remove suspended solids from produced water supplies, and are available in corrosion resistant materials designed to withstand the harsh environment.

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