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Wash Water

Forsta self-cleaning filters are NSF certified for use in food & beverage industry applications are an ideal choice for maximizing production safety and efficiency.

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Water has a major and fundamental role in safety of food production. It is a critical resource for the food industry with wide uses. In most of the food preparation and processing operations, water is often taken for granted. Water is very commonly used in food production at various levels, apart from being used as an ingredient.

Washing fruits and vegetables is one of the most important processing steps at the industrial level, which not only improves food safety and quality, but also the product’s shelf-life. Cleaning and recycling wash water in the food industry is an efficient and sustainable approach which reduces cost and environmental impact.

Forsta self-cleaning filters used industrial food and beverage processing facilities will remove suspended solids in order to protect finer treatment stages (membranes, UV disinfection e.g.) which may be used to address bacterial contaminants, spores of fungi and traces of pesticides in the water. Self-cleaning filters for wash water filtration utilize screens which correspond to the concentration and type of debris collected in the particular washing process.

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