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Flume Water

Forsta self-cleaning filters are NSF certified for use in food & beverage industry applications are an ideal choice for maximizing production efficiency.

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Flumes may be used in food production facilities for washing and conveyance. Flumes may also be used in applications such as the transportation of logs in the logging industry.

In the food industry, flumes help in the production of a variety of fruits and vegetables such as shredded, chopped, and whole leaf lettuce, apples and other whole, sliced, or diced vegetables and fruits. Flume wash gently removes heavy debris, silt, grubs, and floating contaminates.

Regardless of the product, the flume-wash wastewater can be filtered to maximize reuse of clean wash water via a closed-loop water recirculation system.

Adequate filtration will protect water nozzles used to create full immersion in sections of the flume for thorough washing and product mixing.

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