Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filters for

Sprinkler Protection

High efficiency automatic backwash water filters for protection of valves, pipes, and sprinklers.

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An irrigation sprinkler is a device used to irrigate agricultural crops, lawns, landscapes, golf courses, and other areas. They may also be used for cooling and dust mitigation. Sprinkler irrigation is applies water in a controlled manner that mimics rainfall. The water is distributed through a network that consists of pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers.

Typically a system will be designed with perpendicular pipes, having rotating nozzles on top, joined to the main pipeline at regular intervals. When water is pressurized through the main pipe it discharges from the rotating nozzles. In sprinkler or overhead irrigation, water is piped to one more central locations within the field and distributed by overhead high pressure sprinklers or guns.

Forsta’s self-cleaning filters protect all types of irrigation sprinkler heads by keeping fine sand, silt and other particles from entering the system. By utilizing available system pressure for cleaning, Forsta self-cleaning filters consume a minimal amount of energy, and utilize a minimal amount of water for the automatic cleaning cycle – making them the sustainable choice for all types of growers and landscape maintenance teams.

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