Filter Solutions for

Rainwater Water Sources

Outfitting a rainwater harvesting system with a Forsta self-cleaning filter reduces or eliminates the need for routine bag or cartridge change outs or manual screen cleaning.

All Details at a Glance

Harvested rainwater can provide a source of alternative water to many types of facilities. Alternative waters are sustainable sources of water, not supplied from fresh surface water or groundwater, that offset the demand for freshwater. Rainwater harvesting captures, diverts, and stores rainwater from rooftops for later use. Typical uses of rainwater include landscape irrigation, wash applications, ornamental pond and fountain filling, cooling tower make-up water, and toilet and urinal flushing. With additional filtration and disinfection, harvested rainwater can also be treated to potable standards to supplement municipal potable water supplies to facilities.

Once rainwater is collected, screen filtration is the primary stage prior to subsequent treatment sequences and distribution technology.

The intended end use of the harvested rainwater will determine the type of treatment equipment, and size of screen filtration that the system will need.

Vehicle wash, landscape irrigation, and dust suppression are all viable applications for harvested rainwater. Harvested rainwater is typically used in non-potable applications but can meet potable standards with additional treatment. Where membrane, fine filter cartridges, or UV disinfection are utilized, Forsta self-cleaning filters for rainwater filtration will be sized appropriately for upstream protection.

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