Industrial Water Filters for the

Automotive Industry

High efficiency automatic self-cleaning water filters for metal-cooling, spray nozzle protection and wash water recovery

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Forsta self-cleaning filters protect manufacturing equipment and keep water clean in processes associated with automotive production. Process and wash water recovery, protection of sprinkler systems and spray nozzles all require efficient and reliable removal of suspended solids such as silt, sand, and other debris that may be introduced in the manufacturing process.

Contaminated water from vehicle washing, collected in tanks or pools, can be reintroduced into the system with no downtime through automatic filtration. Ensuring the cleanliness of the wash water supply both protects spray nozzles and ancillary equipment, and also prevents surface scratches to vehicle paint due to abrasive debris.

Forsta industrial water filtration systems are the efficient and reliable way to reduce water losses, increase production efficiency and product quality in the automotive industry.

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