Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters for


High efficiency automatic self-cleaning water filters for wet processing, boiler, cooling, and effluent water filtration.

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The textile industry consumes large amount of water in its wide-ranging processing operations. Mechanical processes of spinning and weaving, consume a very small amount of water as compared to textile wet processing operations, where water is used extensively.

Almost all dyes, specialty chemicals, and finishing chemicals are applied to textile substrates from water baths. In addition, most fabric preparation steps, including desizing, scouring, bleaching, and mercerizing use aqueous systems.

In textile wet processing, water is used mainly for two purposes; as a solvent for processing chemicals, and as a washing and rinsing medium. In addition, water is consumed for ion exchange, boiler, cooling water, steam drying and cleaning processes.

Efficient use of water is critical in the textile industry. Water conservation through reliable filtration and reuse is a straightforward approach to saving water, time and money. Declining water tables, reduced sources of clean waters, and increased demands from both industry and residential growth, have all resulted in higher costs. Forsta industrial filtration systems for the textile sector make water use cost-effective and sustainable.

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