Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filters for

The Vineyard Industry

High efficiency automatic backwash water filters for protection of spray nozzles, drip tubes, valves and irrigation lines.

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Vineyards are areas of land where grapes are grown. Grapes grow on vines that are supported by posts and wire known as trellises. Grapes are grown both as a food crop as well as to be sent to wineries to be made into wine.

A variety of irrigation methods may be utilized in vineyard growing systems to optimize production and quality of grapes.

Forsta’s self-cleaning filters protect all types of irrigation equipment including drip tubing, spray nozzles and sprinkler heads by keeping fine sand, silt and other particles from entering the system. By utilizing available system pressure for cleaning, Forsta self-cleaning filters consume a minimal amount of energy, and utilize a minimal amount of water for the automatic cleaning cycle – making them the sustainable filtration choice for vineyard growers.

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