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Secondary Effluent

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Each wastewater treatment plant has a unique sequence of physical, biological and chemical treatments based on the region, local regulations, and the scale of the plant.

Primary treatment often includes coarse screening; clarification in large tanks, followed by aeration/ activated sludge process. Secondary clarification reproduces the first clarification stage and removes a significant more physical material from the water. Once secondary clarification is complete, the resulting water may be referred to as secondary effluent.

Secondary effluent may be released to the environment, or further treated to produce recycled/ reclaimed water for re-use. In other cases additional treatment may be applied to use secondary effluent for indirect or direct potable reuse.

In each of these scenarios Forsta self-cleaning filters are ideal for secondary effluent filtration, by providing a final suspended solids removal prior to industrial or irrigation equipment or prior to finer downstream technologies such as membranes or UV systems.

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