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Precision Engineering & Robust Component Design

Based on years of hands-on experience and mechanical training,

Forsta engineers design components for smooth integration and robust operating lifespans.

Simple Integration

Care has been taken to simplify installation and service with many models boasting unique access points that minimize the need for dismantling large amounts of equipment. Forsta self-cleaning filters have components that are optimized in material for their environment and range from carbon steel to titanium – depending on the requirement.

Simplified Installation

Minimal Dismantling

Customized to Environment

Rigorous Testing

Forsta engineers are always trying to find ways to improve the robustness of typical wear parts. Research is conducted on filters in test conditions that simulate the most adverse real-world operating environments. The in-house testing has the goal of ongoing R & D to contribute to design upgrades.

Real-world Operating Environments

Harshest Environments

Continuous Backwash


Efforts to use water more sustainably have led to a focus on conservation and efficiency. Infrastructure upgrades are continually improving water efficiency across the industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors. These advancements include the optimization of cooling towers and cooling tower filtration, recycling of sample water at cooling towers and implementation of closed loop water systems involving water reclamation and reuse systems. Forsta industrial water filters play an integral role in the performance of closed-loop systems by protecting equipment and ensuring uninterrupted flow.

Waste water treatment plants and pumping stations can connect (often through thousands of feet of reclaimed water pipes) to storage tanks, chillers, steam boilers and irrigation sites. Reclamation and reuse systems make highly treated or “reclaimed” wastewater available to meet a variety of non-drinking water needs thereby reducing strain on drinking water reservoirs and water treatment plants. Forsta self-cleaning water filters using the point of suction backwash technology provide the industry’s most efficient water filter.

Improving water efficiency can be as simple as replacing a wasteful sand media filter with a self-cleaning screen filter (where feed water quality allows.) Click on the chart below to see a quick and easy-to-read comparison based on a 300gpm flow with 50micron filtration.

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