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Domestic Water

Forsta self-cleaning filters are NSF certified for use in domestic water filtration and all types of drinking water systems.

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Water generally gets to our homes in one of two ways. Either it is delivered by a city/county water department, or people supply their own water, normally from a well. Water delivered to homes is called “public-supplied deliveries” and water that people supply themselves is called “self-supplied”, and is almost always from groundwater.

Domestic water use is water used for indoor and outdoor household purposes— all the things you do at home: drinking, preparing food, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, brushing your teeth, and watering the garden. At the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), domestic water use refers to the amount of water that is “self-supplied”, or water withdrawn directly by users, such as from a well at a person’s home.

Tap water, delivered by domestic water systems refers to water piped to homes and delivered to a tap or spigot. For these water sources to be consumed safely, they must receive adequate treatment and meet drinking water regulations. Regardless of the source water and the scale or level of downstream treatment, Forsta self-cleaning filters remove suspended solids, and play an integral role in the sequence of achieving suitable drinking water quality in point-of-entry systems.

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