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Intake Water

Forsta self-cleaning filters are the ideal technology for Intake water filtration.

All Details at a Glance

Intake structures are used for collecting water from surface sources such as river, lake, and reservoir and conveying it further to the water treatment plant. These structures may be masonry or concrete. Intake water systems provide relatively clean water which is transported through an intake pipe directly from the lake, river or stream and into a water treatment system.

Canal, river, reservoir and lake intake towers all differ in design according the water source, its depth, the design of any associated dams etc.

Intake water will typically undergo some preliminary coarse screening which allows water to enter the intake pipes, but prevents floating debris from entering, especially in the case of rivers and canals.

Depending on the subsequent treatment sequence employed at the water treatment plant, Forsta self-cleaning screen filters may be used to further reduce suspended solids in advance of any membrane or other downstream technologies.

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