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A wide variety of established major industries utilize Forsta self-cleaning water filters. Forsta automatic water filters are also applicable in emerging green and blue industries (e.g. Aquaculture).  Forsta self-cleaning filters automate suspended particle removal in a wide range of jobs and have been described as sprinkler system filters, drip irrigation filters, industrial water purifiers, lake water pump filters, cooling tower filters and more.  Review the following major categories to find more information on your water filtration application.

Cooling Tower Filters

Dirt in cooling tower water dramatically reduces the efficiency of a cooling system. Implementing a self-cleaning water filter is the best way to prevent the problems caused by unwanted particles. Forsta offers full-flow and sidestream cooling tower filters for HVAC and industrial cooling towers. Learn More.

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UF Prefiltration

Forsta UF prefiltration equipment provides reliable protection for UF and other membranes. Reduce particle loading to membrane systems with no interruption to system flow. Learn More.

Industrial Water Filters

Expert design allows Forsta Filters to comply with the rigid standards of the industrial sector. Forsta offers self cleaning water filters for cooling, intake, process, service and wastewater, compatible for use in any industrial water filtration system. Learn More.

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Irrigation Water Filters

Forsta supplies efficient irrigation filters for: turf, landscape, agriculture, golf and nurseries. Our irrigation filters ensure uninterrupted water flow through irrigation systems. Learn More.

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Municipal Water Filters

In communities intending to distribute water, pre-filtration is often required as a first step. Screen filters play a significant role in the treatment and disposal of wastewater. Forsta’s self cleaning filters precisely meet this demand. Learn More.

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