Industrial Water Filters for the

Power Generation Industry

High efficiency automatic self-cleaning water filters for process filtration, cooling water, wet scrubbers and wastewater recycling.

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A variety of methods exist to generate power that use water as an essential component to system function. Throughout the power generation sector, Forsta industrial water filtration systems help plants operate at higher outputs.

Electricity has been generated in centralized stations dating back to the late 19th Century. Power generation from coal, natural gas & petroleum has become increasingly problematic. The future of clean energy production is in hydroelectric, solar, tidal harness, wind, and geothermal. Forsta is committed to a global movement away from fossil fuels and towards clean methods of power generation that do not contribute to climate change.

Cooling towers often accompany all forms of power generation. When process equipment becomes fouled, it collectively consumes high amounts of energy and causes drops in efficiency. Contaminant buildup in process water pipes also contributes to the reduction of heat transfer efficiency.

Forsta Industrial water filters provide effective removal of particles, boosting efficiency and reducing the risk of system deterioration and shutdown. If the particle buildup is prevented with use of our self-cleaning water filters, chemical costs are reduced and efficiency improved. Power generation facilities using Forsta industrial water filters also optimize their water use in pollution control with wet scrubbers, and wastewater recycling.

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