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Many facilities require automated solids filtration solutions. Engineering specifications for Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Irrigation Systems, HVAC Systems for Universities, Hospitals & Data Centers, Desalination Plants, Industrial Cooling Towers, and more, include equipment to reliably remove solids from process and effluent streams.

Forsta works extenstively with engineering firms across the United States and throughout the world to streamline design work and submittal processes. Major engineering firms that deal in the Water Industry often have a Master Specification that is populated with design criteria. The criteria can become onerous for contractors and engineers alike in verifying equipment suitability.

At Forsta Filters, we scour specifications for pertinent details and propose equipment that addresses the needs of the application. We propose simple, robust, easy-to-service and economical filtration options.

The perfect filter for the job

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Sintered Mesh Installations

Degree of Filtration: Sintered mesh screens are available as fine as 2 micron where water quality allows.

Material: Standard sintering mesh screens are made from 316L Stainless, with upgrade to 904L available per requirement.

Particle Removal: 95-98% particle removal efficiency above the degree of filtration.

Flow Capacity: Maximize flow per square foot of screen area with sintering mesh.

Wedge Wire

Degree of Filtration: Wedge wire screens are available down to 25 micron.

Material: Wedge wire screens are made standard from 316L Stainless, upgrades to Duplex, or Super Duplex Stainless available per requirement.

Particle Removal: Same particle removal efficiency as sintered mesh. Also great for removal of fibrous particles. Examples include, pulp and paper fibers, fibrous algea, fruit fibers in juice process, etc.

Bursting Pressure: Robust construction ideal for higher pressure environments.

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Technology + Engineering

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