Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filters for

The Orchard Industry

High efficiency automatic backwash water filters for protection of spray nozzles, drip tubes, valves and irrigation lines.

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An orchard is an organized plantation of trees or shrubs maintained for food production. Orchards may include fruit- or nut-producing trees which are generally grown for commercial production. Orchards may also be aesthetic in purpose, as part of larger garden environments.

Most temperate-zone orchards are arranged in a grid pattern, with a grazed or mown grass or bare soil base that makes irrigation maintenance and fruit collection easy.

A variety of irrigation methods may be utilized in orchard growing systems.

Forsta’s self-cleaning filters protect all types of irrigation equipment including drip tubing, spray nozzles and sprinkler heads by keeping fine sand, silt and other particles from entering the system. By utilizing available system pressure for cleaning, Forsta self-cleaning filters consume a minimal amount of energy, and utilize a minimal amount of water for the automatic cleaning cycle – making them the sustainable choice for orchard growers.

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