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Makeup Water

Forsta self-cleaning filters are the ideal technology to reduce the concentration of suspended solids in makeup water.

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Makeup water simply refers to water that is added to plant processes to compensate for losses due to evaporation and leakage. All boiler systems lose water. Some will be lost intentionally as boiler blowdown to remove impurities that accumulate within the boiler. Makeup water is added to replace these losses.

Similarly, water makeup to a cooling tower is necessary to replace the mechanical carryout of water droplets through evaporation, and the blowdown required to maintain control of solids buildup. Makeup water usually is added to the cooling tower basin.

Filtration on makeup water lines is an important step in ensuring that the makeup water quality meets the demands of the system. Makeup water filtration is an integral part of cooling tower systems, boiler water systems, and other industrial process systems.

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