Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filters for

Turf and Landscape Protection

High efficiency automatic backwash water filters for protection of spray nozzles, drip tubes, valves and irrigation lines.

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Forsta irrigation water filters protect and maintain high quality green landscapes including lawn, turf, golf course, sports fields, parks and recreation areas. Forsta sizes each irrigation filter to meet the specific demands of its environment, taking into consideration the primary water source, flow rate, power availability, and pressure. A Forsta irrigation filter will save on time, water and money.

Landscape irrigation systems of all varieties require safeguards that prevent equipment from clogging. Whether it is drip irrigation, low pressure sprinklers, fixed pattern, or high pressure impact (including raingun) sprinklers, Forsta irrigation water filters provide excellent protection. Our irrigation filters protect the full range of nozzle diameters. When sprinklers and drip equipment are unprotected, dirt and debris collects in tubes and sprinkler nozzles, quickly disrupting irrigation patterns.

Regardless of sprinkler head spacing, clogged nozzles can cause uneven coverage leading to brown patches and severe damage. Left unchecked, clogged nozzles become completely obstructed and must be replaced. Forsta self-cleaning water filters provide insurance against costly landscape and turf damage, and prolong the life of sprinkler equipment.

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