Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters for

Drip Irrigation

High efficiency irrigation water filters for protection of drip tubes, valves and irrigation lines.

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An agricultural operation that combines efficient self-cleaning screen filtration with a drip irrigation system is set-up for long-term water savings, success, and sustainability. Forsta self-cleaning filters protect drip tubing from debris buildup which can reduce energy efficiency. As irrigation piping and drip tubing orifices become smaller due to buildup it takes more energy to pump water through them.

Forsta’s self-cleaning systems protect drip tubing from sand, silt, algae and maintain optimal system efficiency. Drip hoses squirt water right below where plants emerge from the ground, allowing growers to use significantly less water per acre than they would with traditional irrigation.

Many farms still use wasteful sand/media filters as the main form of filtration upstream of drip and other irrigation systems. When backwashing, Forsta self-cleaning screen filters use, on average, less than 3% of the volume of water required to backwash a comparable sand media system.

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