Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters for

Membrane Protection

High-efficiency backwash strainers for surface water, treated wastewater and membrane protection

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In its most simple terms membrane filtration involves passing a single feed flow through a membrane system that separates it into two individual streams, called the permeate and the retentate. The membrane that separates them is a physical barrier with specialized features – a barrier that only certain selected components in the feed stream can pass through.

There are four generally recognized types of membrane filtration. They are defined on the basis of the size of material they are required to separate from the feed fluid. The four types of membrane filtration are; reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration(NF), ultrafiltration(UF) and microfiltration(MF), in order of increasing pore size.

A Forsta self-cleaning strainer protects all membrane technologies by reducing particle loading in the feed stream. Forsta sizes pretreatment filters to meet the needs of the membrane module. Forsta engineers review parameters such as water source (total suspended solids), flow rate, pressure, available space and existing pipelines.

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