Forsta Filters, Inc.


Forsta Filters, Inc. specializes in design and fabrication of self-cleaning screen water filtration systems

Filtration solutions with no interruption to system flow

About Forsta

Customer Service

Forsta is distinguished by our attention to prompt and thorough customer service. We are proud to offer same-day quotes for most projects, and are responsive to the unique documentation that each project calling for self-cleaning water filters requires. Engineers are available to assist you from the preliminary design and quoting stages through installation and startup and on into normal operations.

Source Testing

Forsta offers a free water testing service for customers looking to determine the most cost-effective water filtration system. Send a one gallon water sample and Forsta will determine the right solution for your application. With a representative water sample our engineers can estimate how often a self-cleaning filter will backwash and how much screen area will be needed to achieve the desired filtration degree.

Quality Systems, Service, and Support

The self-cleaning mechanism in a Forsta self-cleaning filters eliminate the need for routine maintenance by automating the cleaning cycle. Differential pressure is monitored by the controller which initiates the backwash cycle automatically. As a result, Forsta self-cleaning technology saves maintenance time and operating cost. Manual washes, spray downs, filter, cartridge and bag replacements become unnecessary. Basic bi-annual or annual inspection (depending on particle load) replaces the need for daily, weekly or monthly shutdowns.

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