Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters for

The Food + Beverage Industry

High efficiency industrial water filters for process, wash, flume, cooling and effluent water filtration.

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Water is used in the food and beverages industry for several purposes. Within production, many food products travel along a water flume as a method of rinsing and transportation. Water likewise serves as a wash-down fluid for processing equipment in various plant production areas. As with many industrial applications, water facilitates the cooling process of equipment. Further rinsing of a food product or its packaging may also be required.

For each of these uses, it is critical to regulate water quality so as to ensure cleanliness, proper hygiene and the sustained function of industrial equipment. Forsta food and beverages industry filters provide a comprehensive solution for removing suspended particles in water. The use of high-grade stainless steel makes our industrial water filters a great choice for the food processing industry.

When engineering factory methods for the food and beverages industry, the reduction of waste is a performance parameter that is often taken into account. Forsta industrial water filters use a minimal amount of water to backwash, and allow a constant flow of system water. Forsta industrial water filtration systems are highly useful where reduction of water-footprint is of concern.

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