Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters for

HVAC Cooling Towers

High efficiency self-cleaning screen water filters for cooling tower side stream and full flow filtration.

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An HVAC cooling tower expels heat from a chiller. Large buildings such as convention centers, hotels, hospitals, universities and data centers use cooling towers as part of their heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems.

Keeping debris, scale and biological growth out of an HVAC cooling system is critical to maintaining energy efficiency and water conservation, and to ensure reliable temperature regulation of equipment and atmosphere.

An effective filtration system lowers the particulate levels in the cooling water, which directly reduces fouling. Because microbiological organisms will feed on organic particulates, reduction of particulates also corresponds directly with a reduction in biological growth. It follows that filtration will prevent corrosion that occurs as a result of microbiological growth, and scaling which occurs as a byproduct of fouling and corrosion.

Modernizing a cooling system with a self-cleaning filter will save thousands of dollars per year in energy costs. Forsta side stream filters and full flow cooling tower filters keep water clean, protecting heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, spray nozzles and pumps all while significantly reducing energy consumption.

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