Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters for


High efficiency irrigation water filters for protection of spray nozzles, drip tubes, valves and irrigation lines.

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Agricultural water is water that is used on farms to grow fresh produce and sustain livestock. Agricultural water may be used for irrigation, fertilizer applications, crop cooling and frost control. A farm may also use agricultural water for livestock drinking water supply and dust mitigation.

When agricultural water is used efficiently, production, crop yield and crop quality are positively affected. Interruptions to applied water can cause production and yield to decrease. Management strategies and effective filtration are the most important way to improve the reliability and efficiency of agricultural water use and maintain optimal production and yield.

Agricultural water comes from a variety of sources including; Surface water, rivers, streams, irrigation ditches, open canals, impounded water such as ponds, reservoirs, and lakes, groundwater from wells, and rainwater locally collected in cisterns or rain barrels. Municipal water systems such as city and rural water can also be used for agricultural purposes.

Regardless of the source water supply, automatic, efficient and reliable filtration is integral to keeping a farm’s water system up and running. Forsta has self-cleaning filters to meet the needs of all types of filtration requirements across the farming industry.

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