Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters for the

Commercial Laundry Industry

High efficiency automatic self-cleaning water filters for process, utility and wastewater treatment.

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Laundry wastewater is produced from large laundry operations. Washing of soiled towels, tablecloths, uniforms, mops and more produces a high volume of dirty water. Industrial and commercial laundry facilities have daily cycles to produce clean laundry on a reliable basis for restaurants, hospitals, hotels and a variety of other service sector businesses. Wastewater from laundry contains a variety of suspended particles that include sand, grit, lint, fibers and other debris specific to the original use of the items being laundered.

Forsta industrial water filters may be incorporated for efficient and reliable solids removal within a broad laundry wastewater treatment package or filtration system. Forsta’s fully automated filters are applicable for process water treatment, utility water treatment, wastewater treatment and recycle/reuse for a variety of uses within the laundry facility.

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