Industrial Water Filters for the

Petrochemical Industry

High efficiency automatic backwash filters for utility, cooling and effluent water filtration.

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Chemical and hydrocarbon processes use a large volume of water for cooling and utility service. Rivers, canals, or wells often provide the most cost effective water source for petrochemical plants. Forsta self-cleaning water filters ensure that continuous water flow, cooling, and plant operation can continue without interruption, thus eliminating the need for costly maintenance and periodic shutdowns.

With the ever increasing expense of effluent discharge, re-use of process water for secondary processes reduces operation cost. Recycling process water through an industrial water filtration system alleviates the potential strain posed by source water scarcity.

Where process water cannot be reused, particle reduction through an industrial water filter is often beneficial in reducing effluent costs. Forsta offers solutions for mobile containerized filtration systems, as well as for permanent filtration solutions.

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