Industrial Water Filters for the

Plastics Industry

High efficiency automatic self-cleaning water filters for process, wash, cooling and effluent water filtration.

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The plastic extrusion industry dictates that chilled process cooling water be supplied at a constant temperature, and in large volumes in order to maintain water profile accuracy.

Injection molding is one of many technologies which use water as the primary cooling agent. To cool molds, water can be fed through as a channel providing quick cooling times. Colder molds often work more efficiently as they allow for faster cycle times. This concept translates into numerous industrial cooling needs in plastics manufacturing.

As an integral part of the cooling process, Forsta self-cleaning industrial water filters improve product quality, and reduce chiller failure, while enabling careful control of process temperature. Our self-cleaning filters extend process run times and reduce the need for periodic maintenance or cleaning shutdowns that occur when bag or cartridge filters are used. Forsta industrial water filters also reduce fouling of spray nozzles, heat exchangers and other process equipment, minimizing costly replacement and increasing productivity.

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