Self-Cleaning Irrigation Filters for

Spray Nozzle Protection

High efficiency automatic backwash water filters for protection of rotating, fixed, micro spray, strip pattern, stream and bubbler spray nozzles.

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Sprinkler spray nozzles are designed to apply water in a specific pattern and distance at specified water pressures. Spray head sprinklers are designed for watering a variety of landscapes, including those with uneven terrain.

In a spray irrigation system, water is distributed through a network that may consist of pumps, valves, pipes, and sprinklers. Irrigation spray nozzles are used for residential, industrial and agricultural usage. Without adequate filtration, debris buildup in the system reduces energy efficiency. As irrigation piping and drip tubing/spray nozzle orifices become smaller due to buildup it takes more energy to pump water through them. Clogged orifices reduce water delivery, causing damage to landscapes or reducing crop yield

Forsta’s self-cleaning filters protect all types of irrigation spray nozzle equipment including rotating, fixed, micro spray, strip pattern, stream and bubbler spray nozzles by keeping fine sand, silt and other particles from entering the system. By utilizing available system pressure for cleaning, Forsta self-cleaning filters consume a minimal amount of energy, and utilize a minimal amount of water for the automatic cleaning cycle – making them the sustainable choice for all systems with spray nozzle water distribution.

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