Industrial Water Filters for the

Metalworks Industry

High efficiency industrial water filters for process, wash, cooling and effluent water filtration.

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Forsta industrial water filters can be utilized in metalwork applications to strain suspended solids from an incoming natural or city water supply, as well as from cooling, process, and effluent streams to improve water use efficiency throughout every stage of a metal fabrication operation.

Equipment cooling is an important consideration in mills and foundries. In such harsh environments, debris is commonly deposited into the water supply via cooling towers and other equipment, making filtration necessary.

Mill scale removal can be particularly troublesome in a metal processing environment. As production demands continue to rise and environmental compliance becomes more stringent, reliable particle filtration is of the utmost importance. Removing scale with Forsta industrial water filtration systems allows mills to operate more efficiently both in terms of water and energy conservation and prolonged life of fabrication equipment. Implementing a Forsta industrial filtration system reduces or eliminates the need for scale pits, and offers a more organized use of valuable space.

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