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High efficiency automatic backwash strainers for membrane protection

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Ultrafiltration (UF) is one of many membrane treatments utilized in water treatment sequences throughout industries. In principle, UF is akin to reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration (MF), and nanofiltration (NF), with each technology distinguished by the size of the molecules it retains. The pore size in a UF membrane is the fundamental quality that determines the size and kind of contaminants removed. A Forsta self-cleaning strainer protects UF membranes by reducing particle loading.

Ultrafiltration involves using membranes in which the pores are larger and the pressure is relatively low. Salts, sugars, organic acids and smaller peptides are allowed to pass, while proteins, fats and polysaccharides are not

Forsta sizes UF pretreatment filters to meet the needs of the membrane module. Forsta engineers review parameters such as water source (total suspended solids), flow rate, pressure, available space and existing pipelines to determine the right self-cleaning filter for the UF pre-filtration requirement.

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