Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters for

The Fish Hatchery Industry

High efficiency, corrosion-resistant water filters for fresh, brackish and seawater filtration in fish hatcheries.

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Aquaculture is the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of fish, shellfish, algae, and other organisms in all types of water environments.

As the demand for seafood has increased, technology has made it possible to grow food in coastal marine waters and the open ocean. Aquaculture is a method used to produce food and other commercial products, restore habitat and replenish wild stocks, and rebuild populations of threatened and endangered species.

In both marine and freshwater aquaculture systems, meticulous control of water conditions can help to increase yield, produce high-quality fish, improve population density and reduce the risk of disease and contamination.

Forsta self-cleaning filters for seawater and fresh water hatchery environments effectively reduce particle load, prevent the introduction of invasive species, and provide efficient and reliable water quality regulation.

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