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UV disinfection is an effective way to eliminate microbial contamination in water. Microbes have to be exposed to UV-C light in sufficient amount in order to effectively disinfect the water. UV disinfection systems are used in a variety of applications ranging from the purification of drinking water in homes to disinfecting the water supply of entire cities to industrial wastewater treatment. UV treatment for water is recognized as a safe and cost-effective way to disinfect water for industrial applications

In UV water disinfection technology, ultraviolet light of wavelength 253.7 nanometers is used for disinfection of bacteria, viruses, molds, algae, and other microorganisms, which reproduce and grow. UV disinfection technology destroys the DNA of microorganisms which kills them.

UV disinfection can be used for drinking water disinfection, process water disinfection, wastewater disinfection, and surface disinfection.

Regardless of the application, if water entering the UV system is not adequately pre-treated it can reduce efficacy of the disinfection process, increase cleaning/maintenance frequency on the UV element, and ultimately cause premature failure of the lamp. Forsta offers efficient and reliable filtration solutions for UV Prefiltration applications.

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