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Recycled / Reclaimed / Reuse Water

Forsta self-cleaning filters remove suspended solids from all types of recycled, reclaimed and reuse water supplies, and play an integral role in reducing the total suspended solids in the associated water systems and applications.

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The terms “recycled, reclaimed, and reuse water” are generally used interchangeably and which word is used depends on the region. Recycled, reclaimed or reuse water is water that is used more than one time before it passes back into the natural water cycle. Typically, the phrase “recycled water” is used to refer to the reuse of treated wastewater for beneficial purposes such as: agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, or replenishing a groundwater basin (referred to as groundwater recharge).

Municipal, industrial and agricultural facilities and operations may all take advantage of different types of recycled water. Within an industrial process, for example, water may be reused many times for cooling or rinsing. It is imperative that the recycled water has adequate filtration to prevent the accumulation of debris that may damage industrial equipment.

Wastewater treatment plants may use treated secondary effluent for spray down water within the plant, or may produce large quantities of recycled water for land application in the surrounding community.

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