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Forsta self-cleaning filters are the ideal solution for fabrication water filtration.

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Water use is a fundamental commodity for virtually every step of manufacturing and production processes. Water is an integral component in all types of fabrication and comes embedded in the environmental footprint of virtually every item created on the planet. Many global companies have manufacturing facilities operating in water scarce parts of the world, with a multitude of companies reporting exposure to water risks.

Industrial withdrawals provide water for such purposes as fabricating, processing, washing, diluting, cooling, or transporting a product; incorporating water into a product; or for sanitation needs within the manufacturing facility. Some industries that use large amounts of water produce such commodities as food, paper, chemicals, or primary metals. Water for industrial use may be delivered from a public supplier or be self-supplied.

An effective filtration system lowers the particulate levels in the fabrication process water, as well as the industrial wastewater that results from fabrication processes. Reduction of particulates in fabrication water also corresponds directly with a reduction in biological growth. It follows that filtration will prevent corrosion that occurs as a result of microbiological growth, and scaling which occurs as a byproduct of fouling and corrosion.

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