Cooling Tower Filters at The Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Protecting “Frontier,” The World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Provide Reliable Filtration on Cooling Water; 26,000+ Gallons per Minute at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Keeping debris, scale and biological growth out of a computer or data center’s cooling system is critical to maintaining energy efficiency, conserving water, and providing reliable cooling for the system. The scale of data center cooling […]

Engineer with self-cleaning water filters

Career Opportunity at Forsta Filters

Forsta Filters is hiring an Entry Level Mechanical Engineer. Join a growing water filtration team! Role and Responsibilities: Must master the principlesof automatic self-cleaning screen filter technology. Understand sizing, material selection, operating parameters& troubleshooting. Learn all engineering facets of the custom fabrication process by working directly with our lead design engineer, to eventually assume some […]

Fish Hatchery Water Filtration

Forsta High-Efficiency, Corrosion-Resistant Filters Maintain Water Quality in Fish Hatcheries

Forsta self-cleaning filters for fish hatcheries effectively reduce particle load, prevent the introduction of invasive species, and provide efficient and reliable water quality regulation.   In Northern California a National fish hatchery spawns and raises Chinook salmon and steelhead trout; producing over 14 million juvenile fish each year. After being released from the hatchery the fish migrate downstream […]

Cottonwood Seeds

Wedge Wire Screens Tackle Fibrous Cottonwood Seeds in Summer

Problem: Open air cooling towers and other open loop water systems collect airborne particulate including cottonwood seeds which can get stuck in filter screens. As unchecked debris accumulates in cooling towers, fouling, sludge and bio-film buildup breakdown the cooling tower system. Solution: Install Forsta self-cleaning filtration systems with wedge-wire screens to prevent the stapling effect […]

Cooling Tower Filter

Forsta Filters Cooling Tower Case Study Featured in Process Cooling Magazine

Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Ensure Reliability of Cooling Systems During the COVID-19 crisis, a California-based biomedical facility relies on self-cleaning filters to continue producing plasma therapies and other products. According to the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, installing a sidestream filtration system to cleanse cooling tower water will help maintain water efficiency across facilities. […]

Golf Course Irrigation Filters

Forsta Irrigation Water Filters Improve Golf Course Landscapes

Forsta irrigation water filters are ideal for turf, landscape, agriculture, greenhouse, golf course and nursery applications. Forsta sizes each irrigation filter to meet the specific demands of its environment, taking into consideration such parameters as water source, flow rate, power availability, and pressure. A Forsta irrigation filter will save on time, water and money.  Landscape irrigation systems of all varieties require […]

Long Beach City College

Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Improve Reclaimed Water System at Long Beach City College

Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Improve Reclaimed Water System at Long Beach City College Long Beach City College needed to upgrade and automate its reclaimed water irrigation system.  The existing pump was not big enough to allow for automatic filtration. The system had been utilizing a maintenance-heavy manual filter to protect irrigation equipment, and was only able […]


Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Save Water; Brewery & Distillery Production 

  Due to water shortages, increased demand, and heightened awareness, many breweries and distilleries have taken steps to increase water efficiency and to implement water saving techniques in their brewing. Utilizing a myriad of methodologies and technologies, an increasing number of today’s breweries have begun to focus on brewing beer with water efficiency and conservation at […]