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ASHRAE & AHR EXPO Dallas 2013

Dallas was great this year!  Looking forward to seeing everyone again in New York. Please contact Forsta Filters Director of Sales Polly Stenberg: to set up sales and/or technical appointments at future events.

Forsta FRP Self-cleaning water filters tackle harsh sea water environment

  The 180 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Series filters offer an ideal solution for corrosion resistance in brackish, brine and seawater filtration applications. All wetted components of the FRP Series self-cleaning filters are constructed from seawater- resistant plastic or other high alloy materials.         A3-180FRP with 25 micron screen for sea water […]

Forsta Filters Case Study – RG Steel Warren OH

Mark A. Presley, Maintenance & Environmental Engineer at RG Steel needed a solution for protecting spray nozzles.  River water screened to 1200 micron constituted the spray water being used for cooling in the steel making process.  The river water coming into the system was causing the spray nozzles to become plugged.  This ultimately required that […]

Forsta at ACE 2012 Dallas, Texas

Forsta Attends ACE 2012 Dallas, Texas One month has elapsed since the ACE conference convened in Dallas, Texas and Forsta Filters is still buzzing with the connections and projects set in motion at the event. This year at ACE was a great opportunity to give potential customers the “hands-on” experience of our filter’s inner workings.  […]

Forsta self-cleaning filters have strong performance advantages over sand filters at a fraction of the cost

Engineers across industrial, municipal and irrigation sectors recommending sand filters for suspended particle removal will improve operations and increase sustainability by switching to self-cleaning screen filters.   Water use efficiency, cost effectiveness, space saving, and reliability are some of the profound benefits associated with Forsta self-cleaning water filters. Water Use Efficiency: Forsta self-cleaning filters have remarkably […]

michelson packaging 90 series filters

Process Cooling Case Study

Forsta Filters, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of water filtration systems used in industrial, municipal and irrigation applications, has installed one of its self-cleaning systems at a 70-year-old company specializing in protective packaging materials for fresh fruits and vegetables. Forsta Industrial Cooling Water Filters     Michelsen Packaging Co. in Yakima, Wash., had just installed a 125 […]

Forsta Filters at AWT 2011

Forsta joined hundreds of water technologists in Atlanta this September to take part in what AWT president R. Trace Blackmore described as a, “a truly innovative opportunity for professionals to network and discuss the forces driving the industry.” President Blackmore added that the annual convention brings together an impressive collection of people and products serving […]

Forsta Filters Attends ACE11 in Washington DC

For exceptional education and networking, water professionals from all over the world travel to AWWA conferences to stay on top of new developments.  Forsta joined the annual conference and exhibition this year to meet with representatives from many companies who have expressed interest in what Forsta has to offer. Over the last few years, Forsta […]