Forsta Filters Attends ACE11 in Washington DC

For exceptional education and networking, water professionals from all over the world travel to AWWA conferences to stay on top of new developments.  Forsta joined the annual conference and exhibition this year to meet with representatives from many companies who have expressed interest in what Forsta has to offer. Over the last few years, Forsta […]

180 FRP Series Filter

Forsta Filters Self-Cleaning Screen Filters in FRP

Forsta Filters’ exciting new FRP Series offers an ideal solution for corrosion resistance in brackish, brine and seawater filtration applications. All wetted components of the FRP Series self-cleaning filters are constructed from seawater-resistant plastic and other high alloy materials, making it the only one of its kind. The FRP Series filters can withstand pressures up […]

Forsta Filters Attends The G’day USA Urban Water Forum

The Urban Water Forum allowed Forsta Filters to participate in an important dialogue with leading water industry professionals from the US and Australia about policy, research, climate change, conservation, efficiency and cutting edge technology. Forsta Filters’ Director of Sales, Polly Stenberg said of the event, “I am excited to have connected with Australian engineering firms […]

Forsta self-cleaning filters have strong performance advantages over sand filters at a fraction of the cost

 Engineers across industrial, municipal and irrigation sectors recommending sand filters for suspended particle removal will improve operations and increase sustainability by switching to self-cleaning screen filters.   Water use efficiency, cost effectiveness, space saving, and reliability are some of the profound benefits associated with Forsta self-cleaning water filters. Water Use Efficiency:Forsta self-cleaning filters have remarkably lower […]

Automatic Success in Irrigation

 Problem: Suspended particles in well water can be a big problem when it comes to clogging sprinkler heads and creating buildup on pipe walls. Dirty water can lead to equipment failure and forced downtime. This is the problem that Alex Posada was responsible for solving. Posada is the Director of Recreation & Parks for the […]

Forsta Filters Teams Up With Akvotek

Forsta Filters is excited to be working with Grupo Akvotek SA de CV, a specialist in water treatment. Focusing on design and implementation of water treatment systems, Akvotek provides expert solutions for residential, municipal, and industrial water applications. For more information go to


Engineers responsible for new construction across industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors are striving to comply with standards set forth by such organizations as the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).  Through LEED, the green building certification program, projects and buildings are rated according to their impact on priority environmental issues including water savings, energy efficiency, […]

90 Series Expands

Forsta Filters has released thirteen additional 90 Series filters, increasing the capacity of the product line to include pipe sizes up to 10″ and flow rates up to 2400 gallons per minute.Offering a greater variety allows the 90 Series filters solve a wider range of filtration problems in the industrial, municipal, and irrigation sectors. The […]

Forsta Filters Welcomes Municipal Well & Pump and Pumpstation Professionals

Forsta Filters has teamed up with Municipal Well & Pump and Pumpstation Professionals to provide the best possible service for customers in Wisconsin, Illinois, and parts of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana. Both companies will act as the official distributor for Forsta Filters products in those regions. Municipal Well & Pump is your single resource […]