Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Save Water; Brewery & Distillery Production 

  Due to water shortages, increased demand, and heightened awareness, many breweries and distilleries have taken steps to increase water efficiency and to implement water saving techniques in their brewing. Utilizing a myriad of methodologies and technologies, an increasing number of today’s breweries have begun to focus on brewing beer with water efficiency and conservation at […]


100 Micron Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Protect Avocado Grove Irrigation Systems; and Trees

Many farms/orchards still use wasteful sand/media filters as the main form of filtration upstream of drip and other irrigation systems. When backwashing, Forsta self-cleaning screen filters use, on average, less than 3% of the volume of water required to backwash a comparable sand media system. Even when considering an increased backwash frequency with screen filters, […]

Stormwater Filtration Self-Cleaning Filter

Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Utilized in On-Site Treatment & Reuse of Stormwater in the Irrigation of Temescal Canyon Park and Surrounding Area

CASE STUDY – PROMOTING WATER CONSERVATION: Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Utilized in On-Site Treatment & Reuse of Stormwater in the Irrigation of Temescal Canyon Park and Surrounding Area According to the City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works/Bureau of Engineering, “In November 2004, the voters of the City of Los Angeles passed Proposition O, a […]

D6-LP80T Drawing

Saving Space on High Flow Filtration Applications

Many facilities work with space constraints when planning for new or replacement equipment. Forsta’s dual and triple configuration single-unit filters are a great way to address space limitation.  

City of Long Beach Water Department

Forsta Working with City of Long Beach Water Department for Alternatives to Cumbersome Equipment

Forsta’s presentation to the City of Long Beach water Department was held at the Groundwater Treatment Plant where ~35 attendees included operators, engineers and additional site personnel. One of the main subjects covered in the presentation was; improving on the problematic service requirements associated with their old equipment. In the city’s Advanced Water Treatment Plant, […]

3x F12-LP180V self-cleaning filters

Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters; Mining, Efficiency, and the Water/Energy Nexus

Filtration for Mining Water Use 3x F12-LP180V-316L Model Filters with High Porosity 200u 316L Stainless Screens Like other industries, mining operations of all varieties rely on water. According to the USGS, the United States mining industry withdrew an estimated 5,320 millions of gallons per day (mgal/d) in 2010 from a combination of surface water and […]

Custom Stainless Steel Self-Cleaning Filter

Forsta Replaces Failing Carbon Steel Unit; Saving Labor, Time, and Money

            The irrigation pump station shown above had a carbon steel filter whose epoxy coating issues were becoming a serious problem. The equipment specialist described the situation saying, “I’ve seen many of these filters with patches welded on them and varying degrees of rusting problems. [At this install] the packing […]

Pump Station Filters

Application Spotlight – Pump Station Filters meet CADWR Energy and Water Efficiency Guidelines

Shown below: 3x Forsta model C8-LP180-CS pump station filters (pump station service strainers) each handle 1000gpm at 200u filtration. Low-pressure (motor-driven) filters operate down to 15-20psi. Custom 3-station PLC-based control panel operating the filters in parallel. Energy and water efficient filter models comply with strict specification guidelines set forth by the CA Department of Water […]