Forsta Self-Cleaning Filters Save Water; Brewery & Distillery Production 

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2019



Due to water shortages, increased demand, and heightened awareness, many breweries and distilleries have taken steps to increase water efficiency and to implement water saving techniques in their brewing. Utilizing a myriad of methodologies and technologies, an increasing number of today’s breweries have begun to focus on brewing beer with water efficiency and conservation at the forefront of their business.



Water Savings at Brewery Slide 1

Water Savings at Brewery Slide 2The Forsta 90 series filter shown below pre-filters secondary effluent (biologically treated wastewater) at 150 micron to feed a UF system that subsequently feeds an RO. The recycled water is used for non-product related service water at one of Mexico’s largest breweries.

According to a key project consultant, the introduction of water reuse into the production design has been a great success. “The facility is going for more next year, because the benefit has been tremendous. Just to put it in context this brewery is one of the two largest in the world. So you can imagine the impact this project has not only money-wise (as water has become scarce and expensive), but also on a decreased demand on their existing wells. It is estimated that by the time the expansion is up & running they will have savings of around 15 – 20% in fresh water. Since water is the primary raw material in a beverage factory, this is quite remarkable!”



Forsta E6-90 Model Self-Cleaning Filter with 150 Micron Screen for UF Prefiltration

Brewery Filter - UF Prefiltration