Water Recycling Industrial Filters

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Water Recycling Industrial Filters

Water recycling/reclamation, also called water reuse, is an increasingly important method to produce water for potable and non-potable uses and for ground water recharge. As fresh water supplies become limited from circulation costs, population demands, and reduced sources, the water generated in recycling plants can help alleviate financial and resource strain.

Separated water is given treatment considered sufficient by local agencies and can be reused as reclaimed water. Water is also sometimes recycled and reused onsite as when an industrial facility recycles water used for cooling processes.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Wastewater treatment can be designed to meet the water quality requirements of a planned reuse. Recycled water for landscape irrigation, for example, requires less treatment than recycled water for drinking water.

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The planned reuse for recycled water determines the treatment stages, and recommended levels of treatment are site-specific. All uses require treatment to at least the secondary stage, which will include sedimentation in the primary stage, followed by biological oxidation and disinfection in the secondary. Tertiary/Advanced treatment involves chemical coagulation, filtration, and further disinfection.

Forsta self-cleaning filters are an integral part of the tertiary treatment phase, providing reliable and efficient suspended particle removal. Self-cleaning screen filters are ideal for prefiltration of fine membranes including reverse osmosis and microfiltration elements operating in the tertiary stages. Self-cleaning filters installed for prefiltration typically range from 5-200μ.

Forsta self-cleaning filters require a minimal amount of water for the short backwash cycle, and do not interrupt system flow.

Self-cleaning water filters operate on line pressure alone, and function most proficiently when mounted in close range to the discharge of the main pump.

Typical applications for recycled water:

  • Agriculture
  • Landscape
  • Golf Course Irrigation
  • Cooling water
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Ground Water Replenishment

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