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Self Cleaning Well Water Filtration

Wells are integral to all societies. In many locations, wells provide a reliable and abundant supply of water for home uses, irrigation, and industries. Where surface water is limited, people use wells to access underground water. 

Seasonal variations in rainfall and occasional drought affect the height of the underground water level, and thus the water available from a well. In addition to seasonal variation in water level, seasonal conditions can also affect the concentration of particles in the water.

Where permeable materials are near land surface, a shallow well may be adequate. Elsewhere, such as where clay-like material directly overlies bedrock, a deep well extending into bedrock may be needed.

Regardless of the well depth, most uses of well water require that suspended solids are removed in order to protect the downstream equipment or processes.

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Duham Irrigation District Well Filter

Self-Cleaning Industrial Well Water Filtration

In Forsta industrial well water filtration and irrigation well water filtration applications, a multi-layer screen traps suspended particles, and expels them when buildup occurs. The point-of-suction backwash cycle cleans the screen without interrupting the system flow. Filtered water from the well is continually supplied to the irrigation or industrial system, even when the filter is cleaning itself.

Self-cleaning water filters operate on line pressure alone, and function most proficiently when mounted in close range to the discharge of the main pump.

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Typical Applications for Well Water

  • Agriculture
  • Landscape
  • Golf Course Irrigation
  • Industrial Process Water
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