UF Prefiltration

What is UF Prefiltration?

Ultrafiltration (UF) is one of many membrane treatments utilized in water treatment sequences throughout industries. In principle, UF is akin to reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration (MF), and nanofiltration (NF), with each technology distinguished by the size of the molecules it retains. The pore size in a UF membrane is the fundamental quality that determines the size and kind of contaminants removed.

A Forsta self-cleaning strainer protects UF membranes by reducing particle loading.

Forsta sizes pretreatment filters to meet the needs of the membrane module. Forsta engineers review parameters such as water source (total suspended solids), flow rate, pressure, available space and existing pipelines.

UF Prefiltration_Self-Cleaning Filters

How does a UF Prefilter Work?

Forsta’s UF pre-filters work to effectively remove all types of debris including organic fibers, algae, sand, silt, and more from water sources.

Forsta UF prefiltration systems are used to protect a variety of UF modules and are always equipped with screens that capture the debris of main concern.

UF Prefilters and Reliable Membrane Protection

Raw water characteristics dictate the level of pretreatment required upstream of the membrane. By removing 98-100% of suspended particles above the degree of filtration (screen size), Forsta UF prefiltration will prolong membrane life in a fully automated system i.e. there is no interruption to system flow during the short backwash cycle.

Standard UF pre-filters come in stainless steel 304L. Material upgrades available in 316L, Duplex, Super Duplex and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for brackish/brine/seawater applications.

UF Prefiltration Systems

Forsta has broad experience designing UF prefiltration systems to meet all the needs of the application. UF pre-filters are sized for less than 1psi of pressure loss across a clean screen, and are commonly designed with 50-250μ screens.

OEMs providing multi-stage membrane treatment systems/skids can easily integrate a Forsta UF pre-filter into a larger package. Forsta’s full line of membrane pretreatment filters are modifiable in flange size, material of construction, screen opening, valve type, and controller to fit the specifications of each project. Forsta engineers study projects closely with you, and adjust components accordingly, making sure you have the right filter for the job.

                              C3-90 Filter for UF Prefiltration     UF Prefiltration Pilot

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