Skid Mounted Filters

Skid Mounted Filters

Skid Mounted units are ready-to-go custom industrial water filters mounted on a single platform.

Skid Mounted filtration systems combine any self cleaning filter model with required pumps, manifolds, and controllers. With mounted components, skids offer a mobile and easy to install industrial water filter station. Skid Mounted units provide a comprehensive solution to virtually any industrial, irrigation or municipal application.

Custom Engineered

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Manifolded 180 Series filters shown below provide a cost-effective method to filter high flow systems. Configurations to meet client and project needs.

10 skid mounted self-cleaning filters

90-Series filters shown below are valved and manifolded to be used in a multi-stage filtration sequence or as a parallel filtration system.

Skid-Mounted 90 Series Filters

Many industrial filtration applications have demands that vary according to source water quality. Total Suspended Solids (TSS) of rivers, wells, etc. often vary seasonally, placing undo demand on a filtration system with a single aperture (micron rating.)

Forsta custom filtration skids offer a solution that allows for ongoing calibration in the operating environment. Each filter is positioned for fast and easy screen change-outs according to the demand of the system.