Pulp and Paper Industrial Filters

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Pulp and Paper Industrial Filters

Manufacturers in the paper and board industries require large volumes of high quality water available at low cost. For this reason, incorporating a Forsta industrial water filtration system offers an outstanding solution.

As an alternative to purchasing potable city water, many companies utilize direct water sources such as rivers or lakes. Due to natural particle density it is necessary to filter the water from untreated sources prior to use in an industrial system.

Forsta self cleaning industrial water filters facilitate the use of these water sources as the primary supply for pulp and paper factories, ensuring product quality.

Once water has been used in the pulp and paper process, large volumes of effluent can then be recycled through an industrial water filtration system for lower grade applications such as wash-down or mixing water. The reduction in waste water volume reduces environmental impact, and increases system efficiency.

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As is common in many industrial water filtration systems, placement of the self-cleaning water filter unit is most effective in close proximity to the pump discharge. This consideration for water filter placement applies to filtration of intake water as well as of recycled process water.

Common water quality demands for pulp and paper factories dictate a level of filtration from 50μ-500μ. Wedge wire screens are common for water sources that have the presence fibrous strands.

Typical Applications:

  • River Water Sand Removal
  • Lagoon Water Algae Removal
  • Sand Filter Replacement
  • Process Water Recycle
  • Compressor Cooling Water
  • Final Effluent Polishing Prior to Discharge
  • Cooling Tower: Side Stream or Full Flow

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