Petrochemical Industrial Filters

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Petrochemical Industrial Filters

Many chemical processes use a large volume of water for cooling. Rivers, canals, or wells often provide the most cost effective water source for petrochemical plants. Forsta self-cleaning water filters ensure that continuous water flow, cooling, and plant operation can continue without interruption, thus eliminating the need for costly maintenance and periodic shutdowns.

With the ever increasing expense of effluent discharge, re-use of process water for secondary processes reduces operation cost. Recycling process water through an industrial water filtration system alleviates the potential strain posed by source water scarcity.

Where process water cannot be reused, particle reduction through an industrial water filter is often beneficial in reducing effluent costs.

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In petrochemical plants water filtration may be required for cooling or waste water treatment. Where cooling is required, industrial water filters are most effectively installed nearest to the discharge side of the pump. For waste water treatment, filters are best situated following the settling tank discharge pump.

For exacting filtration requirements industrial water filters accommodate full flow. Where there are space and budget constraints, the same self-cleaning water filters can provide side-stream flow. In petrochemical applications Forsta single unit industrial water filtration systems meet a continuum of flow rate needs ranging from as little as 15 gpm up to 16,000 gpm. Where a higher flow rate is required, several units installed in parallel provide the technology for nearly limitless flow.

Industrial water filters installed for petrochemical plants have screens ranging from 50-500μ with typical applications utilizing the 200μ-300μ screens.

Typical Applications:

  • River Water
  • Well Water
  • Canal Water
  • Surface Water
  • Sea Water
  • Cooling Circuit Protection
  • Cooling Tower Filtration
  • Polishing of Effluent Prior to Discharge

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