Municipal Wastewater Filters

2x E12-LP180 200u Self-Cleaning Filters

Municipal Wastewater Filters

Removing contaminants from wastewater is often defined as sewage or wastewater treatment. Forsta wastewater filters contribute to water treatment in the municipal sector.

Each municipal water district operates treatment plants to ensure proper handling of wastewater. Treatment plants operate in a challenging environment of constant regulatory change. As quality standards for discharge and reuse applications increase, wastewater facilities must integrate the most efficient water filtration technologies at a demanding rate.

Forsta self-cleaning industrial water filters provide the solution, offering dependable water filtration systems which ensure plant effluent quality and/or quality of non-potable water (NPW) for re-use.

Secondary or Tertiary Wastewater Filters

Self-cleaning wastewater filters enter the treatment process at the secondary or tertiary phase where levels of organic material and suspended matter are relatively low.

The goal of tertiary treatment is to produce a final stage to improve the effluent quality before it is discharged to the receiving environment (sea, river, lake, ground, or to its reuse application). Forsta self-cleaning wastewater filters allow the efficient removal of debris for the purpose of continuous effluent flow during this tertiary phase. Self-cleaning filters use minimal water for backwash, and do not interrupt system flow.

Self-cleaning water filters used in wastewater treatment will manage flow most efficiently when mounted in close range to the discharge of the main pump.

Specifications for water quality in wastewater applications involve a level of filtration from 10-500μ, with 50-300μ being most common. Due to the stapling effect of string-like particles on wire mesh, certain water sources require wedge wire screen elements.

Camp Akita C3-90 wastewater filter Wastewater Filter Application Highlight:

Camp Akita Wastewater Treatment Plant

Logan, Ohio

Flow: 45-90 gpm
Water Source: SBR Decant
Forsta Model: C3-90
Screen: 50 micron, 3 sq ft


Data below depicts particle loading before and after filtration at Camp Akita. It includes total suspended solids (TSS) reduction and particle reduction at the 50-100μ range.

Organic Particle Removal in Wastewater Treatment

Typical Wastewater Filtration Applications:

  • Reclaimed Water for Cooling (NPW Reuse)
  • Reclaimed Water for Irrigation (NPW Reuse)
  • Pollution Control
  • Spray Nozzles Protection
  • Secondary Effluent Filtration
  • Membrane Prefiltration
  • Tertiary Effluent Filtration
  • SBR Decant Filtration
  • Gland Seal Protection

CASE STUDY – Non-Potable Water Reuse at WWTPs

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