Municipal Drinking Water Filters

municipal drinking water in water bottle

Municipal Drinking Water Filters

Forsta municipal drinking water filters efficiently remove particulate matter that could potentially obstruct flow through the finer, more sensitive elements.

The progression of creating safe drinking water often culminates in a process of UV disinfection, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and/or reverse osmosis (RO). Whether one or all of these water filtration/treatment methods are employed, it is advised to pre-filter feed water before it reaches the final treatment stage.

Municipal Drinking Water Filters and RO Filtration Performance

Due to its spiral wrap configuration, cleaning particulates from an RO filter can prove difficult and expensive. Forsta self-cleaning water filters reduce the particulate load entering the RO filter so that the membrane can perform at its optimal output.

For similar reasons, ultrafiltration modules often come with a prefiltration requisite of 50-500micron.

UV disinfection systems often carry a recommended 5-10u prefiltration stage.

city water filtration for ice production

Process chain from raw water to ice cubes. Adequate filtration of incoming city water to an ice production facility is an integral part of keeping small suspended particles out of the UV system.

Municipal Drinking Water Filters and UV System Performance

Forsta self-cleaning municipal drinking water filters prolong the life and improve the performance of membrane and UV systems by removing particles such as sand, silt, and other suspended solids. All Forsta industrial water filters for drinking water applications come equipped with a stainless steel sintered screen ranging from 5-500μ, contingent upon source water quality.

NSF-61 Drinking Water Requirements

Forsta self-cleaning water filters are constructed from stainless steel and a variety of other materials designed for compatibility with NSF-61 drinking water requirements.

Municipal Drinking Water Filtration Applications:

  • Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration
  • UF Prefiltration
  • UV Prefiltration
  • Well Water Filtration
  • City Water Filtration
  • Bottling & Canning

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