Low Pressure Series Filters

Low Pressure (LP) Series Filters

The Low Pressure Series automatic water filters utilize an electric motor to assist cleaning during the backwash cycle.

Low Pressure models make self-cleaning filtration possible at lower pressures. They are necessary where the minimum 35 psi system pressure is not available. Motor Run filters operate at system pressures as low as 15 psi.

All 180 Series and Zero Series filter models can be upgraded to allow Low Pressure irrigation and industrial water filtration.




Filter Characteristics:

  • Flow Rate: 15 – 7,350 gpm
  • Flush cycle duration: 6 – 20 seconds
  • Flush valve size: single 1″ or 2″
  • Screen opening: 20µ – 4000µ
  • Temperature: 210ºF
  • Flush Volume: 15 – 110 gallons per backwash
  • Working pressure: 15 – 150 psi
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

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Low Pressure 180 (LP180) Filters

Filter ModelScreen Area
(sq ft)
Max Flow Rate
Connection Size
Data Sheet
A2-LP1802.652002 dwg pdf
A3-LP1802.653003 dwg pdf
A4-LP1802.655004 dwg pdf
A6-LP1802.656506 dwg pdf
B4-LP1805.255004 dwg pdf
B6-LP1805.2510006 dwg pdf
B8-LP1805.2514008 dwg pdf
C4-LP18075004 dwg pdf
C6-LP18071006 dwg pdf
C8-LP180717008 dwg pdf
C10-LP1807190010 dwg pdf
D4-LP1809.255004 dwg pdf
D6-LP1809.2510006 dwg pdf
D8-LP1809.2520008 dwg pdf
D10-LP1809.25200010 dwg pdf
E10-LP18012.25270010 dwg pdf
E12-LP18012.25310012 dwg pdf
F12-LP18015.25380012 dwg pdf
F14-LP18015.25380014 dwg pdf
F16-LP18015.25380016 dwg pdf
F18-LP18015.25380018 dwg pdf
G14-LP18018450014 dwg pdf
G16-LP18018450016 dwg pdf
G18-LP18018450018 dwg pdf
G20-LP18018450020 dwg pdf
H16-LP18024.5612516 dwg pdf
H18-LP18024.5612518 dwg pdf
H20-LP18024.5735020 dwg pdf
H24-LP18024.5735024 dwg pdf
H30-LP18024.5735030 dwg pdf
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Low Pressure (LP) Zero Filters

Filter ModelScreen Area
(sq ft)
Max Flow Rate
Connection Size
Data Sheet
A2-LP02.652002 dwg pdf
A3-LP02.653003 dwg pdf
A4-LP02.655004 dwg pdf
B4-LP05.255004 dwg pdf
B6-LP05.2510006 dwg pdf
B8-LP05.2514008 dwg pdf
C4-LP075004 dwg pdf
C6-LP0710006 dwg pdf
C8-LP0717008 dwg pdf
D4-LP09.255004 dwg pdf
D6-LP09.2510006 dwg pdf
D8-LP09.2520008 dwg pdf
E10-LP012.25270010 dwg pdf
F12-LP015.25380012 dwg pdf
F14-LP015.25380014 dwg pdf
G14-LP018450014 dwg pdf
G16-LP018450016 dwg pdf
H16-LP024.5612516 dwg pdf
H18-LP024.5612518 dwg pdf
H20-LP024.5735020 dwg pdf