Irrigation Water Filters

Water Filters for Irrigation Systems

Forsta irrigation water filters are ideal for turf, landscape, agriculture, greenhouse, golf course and nursery applications. Forsta sizes each self-cleaning irrigation filter to meet the specific demands of its environment, taking into consideration such parameters as water source, flow rate, power availability, and pressure. A Forsta irrigation water filter will save on time, water and money.

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Easy Integration

OEMs providing complete irrigation systems can easily integrate a Forsta irrigation water filter into a broader package. Forsta’s full line of irrigation water filters are customizable in flange size, material of construction, screen opening, valve type, and controller to suit the needs of each customer. At the outset, Forsta engineers will work closely with you to tailor components appropriately, making sure you have the right filter for the job.

Hionis Nursery B4-90 Filter

Self Cleaning Irrigation Water Filters

Self cleaning irrigation water filters function optimally with a multitude of water sources effectively removing suspended solids from ponds, rivers, reservoirs, wells, and city water supplies. Our irrigation filters protect a wide range of equipment and are always sized with screens that capture the debris of main concern.

A Forsta drip irrigation filter system will protect sensitive equipment from clogging with our fully automated system that requires no routine maintenance.

Forsta has extensive experience tailoring irrigation water filters to the needs of the application, and always ensures that each filter boasts substantial screen area to withstand seasonal changes in water quality and dirt loading.

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We invite you to work with Forsta engineers to save your company money on any irrigation water filter system.

Call us today at 310-837-7177 or request a quote and we’ll be in touch with you right away to help you find the best filter for your irrigation application.

We’ll make sure you get the best irrigation filters for your turf or landscape, agriculture, greenhouse, golf course and nursery applications


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